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The Willows Montess | Case Study

A South African Montessori Pre-primary and Primary School

The Willows Montessori is a pre-primary and primary school located in Bordeaux, Johannesburg. It is a well-established and equipped Montessori Nursery and Primary School that provides a caring and safe Montessori environment.

Online Booking 

Lead generation to get more enquires to their school by booking tours.

We designed a 'book a tour' page. When customers book a tour, the time they choose is automatically reserved and synced into the principal school calendar.

A reminder email is also sent to the client the day before the school tour. 

The information the client has added is also seamlessly syncing new contacts to their pre-existing mailing list to expand their email marketing campaign. 

Automatic lightboxes

To grow their mailing list, we designed a subscribe lightbox that automatically displays on loading the page and clicking the contact us button.

Gallery Database

We displayed the school's images in a gallery database table. Gallery database elements are great for displaying multiple photos from your collections all at once.  

Search Engine Optimization 

We have optimized The Willows Montessori School for SEO since it had a lot of scope of driving traffic through search. We indexed the website on goggle business, goggle maps and optimized the website page as per the location keywords.


Searching for “Montessori school Bordeaux”, “Montessori Bordeaux”, “The willows School” is ranked first for those search results on Google

“Montessori School” is ranked 3rd which is an incredible result. This has driven a large amount of traffic to the website resulting in new conversions